Organize your home for summer

After the long and exhausting winter, everybody needs to get their home ready for the summer. Seasonal interior updates are crucial for making our homes fit for the summer, making it more positive with lighter and brighter accessories.

Every year, the summer tends to catch us off-guard and at times unprepared in the first few weeks. Now what usually happens is that we try to balance our workload and our home chores equally every year with great enthusiasm but alas, we fail miserably. So today, I’m here to tell you how you can manage your home fast and easily and get yourself that restart for the days ahead you so desperately needed.

1. Get rid of all the things you do not need:

the beginning of summer is the perfect period to do your annual cleansing. Throw away all the things that you store in your garage, or your backyard that you never really use. Call a house clearance company and get rid of everything you no longer need! Make space for those summer barbecues, pool parties, and cocktail parties in your yard.

2. Update your home accessories:

What you must do is realise that the slow drowsy mornings are gone and it is time for you and your home to get in shape. You can start with arranging a separate space, if possible, a separate room for you to put away with all the things you won’t be needing till next winter.

Then, we come to the bedsheets and pillow covers. Now most don’t have such a great array of options for them but if you do, this is urgent work when you’re preparing yourself for the hard working days of the summer. The utensils that you don’t need are to be cleaned and stored in the storage space. Also, cleaning up your kitchen and washrooms top to bottom can act as a huge boost to your morale during those ensuing hot headed days.

Winter is gone so you need to replace your fire logs, heavy rugs and thick blankets with something lighter and brighter. Instead put out some scented candles, freshly cut flowers, colorful rugs and say hello to summer!

3. Update your closet:

Now, you’ve used up all your warm clothes throughout winter and as your day to day schedule continues, you find these unnecessary clothes all over the place which literally act as hurdles to an organized lifestyle. Pick them all up, separate them and send them all to the drycleaners. After you bring them back, fold them up neatly and organize them in the winter space/room that you allocated inside your home.

4. Get ready for summer:

Stock up on some summer essentials. Buy some sun block and insect repellant. Wash your fluffy beach towels and picnic blankets. If you do not have a pool, buy an inflatable pool and get the party going!

5. Tend to your garden:

If you have a garden, it’s time to trim it. Remove leaves and dead grass. Buy some flower seeds and plant them in innovative ways. If you do not have a garden you can always buy some flowerpots and arrange them on your deck.

6. Have fun:

Repaint your room in bright colors. Buy that rocking chair that you always wanted. Replace your cushions with new ones. Make some DIY projects that you find fulfilling. Do new things and don’t forget to have fun with it and enjoy your summer.


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